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Eagles Lose Two Games to Lookout Valley

Mar 23 2006

Letter to Editor from Lawrence Ralph

Mar 23 2006

Letter to the Editor from Mark Evans

Mar 23 2006

Graduation Ceremonies at Lakeside Resort and Educational Complex

Mar 23 2006

Graduates pictured from left to right are Kelly Vincent, Deborah Coffee, Cynthia Tatrow, Lisa Caldwell, Jennifer Curtis, Suzanne Henson, Melissa Parker, Laura McKeon, Brian Blair, Misty Cassity, Kimbe

Graduates pictured
from left to right are
Kelly Vincent, Deborah
Coffee, Cynthia
Tatrow, Lisa Caldwell,
Jennifer Curtis,
Suzanne Henson,
Melissa Parker, Laura
McKeon, Brian Blair,
Misty Cassity, Kimbe

Graduation ceremonies were held at the Lakeside Resort and Educational Complex on Center Hill Lake in Smithville on February 17.  Thirteen students received diplomas from Pellissippi State Technical Community College for the successful completion of the Professional Resort Management and Quantity Food Management Program. Students completed an 18-week program of intensive resort management training and work experience.  The post-secondary program awards 18 semester hours of college credit and concentrates on planning, preparation, management, catering, as well as customer service, lodging, and front office management.     

Pat Callahan, UCHRA Director of Employment & Training, delivered the commencement address.  He commended the students on their accomplishments and offered words of encouragement in their pursuit of a career in hospitality management. 

Those receiving diplomas at that time were Brian Blair, Lisa Caldwell, Misty Cassity, Deborah Coffee, Jennifer Curtis, Kimberly Hillis, Suzanne Henson, John McKeon III, Laura McKeon, Arthur O’Connor, Melissa Parker, Carol Sircy, Cynthia Tatrow, and Kelly Vincent.  Presentations were made by Dr. Tom Gaddis and John Alunni of Pellissippi State Technical Community College.

Milburn Rodgers, General Manager of Lakeside Resort and Educational Complex, congratulated the students on their hard work and dedication.  “Employers have a wonderful opportunity to hire outstanding students who not only have the educational background for the hospitality industry but also have a proven track record in a work environment which offers on-the-job experiences,” Rodgers stated.

Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development, James Neeley, announced funding in the amount of $122,200 for two new classes to be offered at the educational complex.  “The hospitality industry is ranked number two in the state of Tennessee and number one in the nation,” noted Commissioner Neeley. 

Lakeside is currently enrolling for a new class beginning April 24.  Funding is available for tuition and books for those who qualify.  Individuals interested in the program may contact Randy Shelton, Sales and Marketing and Educational Coordinator, at (615) 597-4298 or randy@lakesideresort.com. 



2006 Cumberland Beef Day Announced

Mar 23 2006

The baby chicks have arrived for the 2006 - 4-H Chick Chain program.

Mar 23 2006

Pictured holding the new arrivals are left to right: Wyatt Bouldin, Austin Howard and Anna Thornton. Good luck 4-H'ers and parents.

Pictured holding the
new arrivals are left
to right: Wyatt
Bouldin, Austin Howard
and Anna Thornton.
Good luck 4-H'ers and

The baby chicks have arrived for the 2006 - 4-H Chick Chain program. As part of this program, fourth through sixth grade   4-H'ers receive twelve or twenty five baby chicks and feed and care for them until September. After they have reached adulthood, we will hold our annual Poultry Show & Sale at the Van Buren County fairgrounds. The Grand Champion wins $75.00 and the Reserve Grand Champion wins $50.00. Each 4-H'er participating receives ribbons and prize money.

Classifieds March 24, 2006

Mar 23 2006

Community Calendar March 24, 2006

Mar 23 2006


Mar 23 2006

General Sessions March 16, 2006

Mar 23 2006


Mar 23 2006


Mar 23 2006


Mar 23 2006

Love Just Keeps Giving and Growing Tomatoes in March

Mar 23 2006

Tomatoes summer, fall, winter and spring!


GIT R DONE This past Saturday morning, quite a different breakfast was served to the inmates at Van Buren County jail. If you read last weeks column, you know that in a letter between a 13 year old girl and Jerrie Bryant, it was told to that young lady that Ms. Jerrie missed having bacon and egg biscuits and milk. I want to tell you that the out flowing of the citizens of the county has been overwhelming, and I want to thank everyone who contributed or helped out with this. Without the help of these great people, it could not have happened, but we did take 36 bacon and egg and sausage biscuits, along with milk, tangerines, donuts and breakfast bars to the jail Saturday morning, and I hope that God blesses each and every one of those that helped. Van Buren County truly GOT R DONE once again, and again thanks to everyone involved for their time and all they did to make this happen.                                                                                                            

Now for some more of what has to be love, I don’t believe there are many people who do not know Mary Etta Hale, who of course was Director of the Senior Companion Program for over 22 years before retiring in 1997. She called and I went down to her house and saw a tomato plant that has been around since last summer, and amazingly this plant started with a sapling that was put into water and grew and gave off tomatoes all summer long. The reason I feel this is a thing about love is because it all started with a sapling that lovingly turned into a tomato plant that Ms. Hale said they picked tomatoes off of all summer long. She said before the first frost she brought that plant into the back porch, which is not heated and was a little chilly this Monday when I was there to take pictures. But as you can see in the pictures, there are loads of tomatoes on this plant and they continue to pick tomatoes off this plant and have been eating bacon and tomato sandwiches all winter. What is more amazing is they had a sapling that fell off this plant and they have put it in a pot and plan to use this one this summer to grow even more tomatoes. I know you see hot house plants all winter long, but from what Ms. Hale told me, this was a loving way to take care of this plant, and I could tell by the way she talked about this plant that it sure felt loved; why else would it keep producing so many tomatoes since last summer? I want to thank Ms. Mary Etta for letting us take pictures and doing this story, and she asked me to tell all in the Senior Companion Program that she sends her love and sure misses being there with those many people she knew when she was Director of the program. Van Buren County home grown tomatoes in March, it doesn’t get any better than that. Until next week, attend the church of your choice, love everyone you meet this week and GIT R DONE.

The Mountain View welcomes Jane Ellen

Mar 23 2006

Welcome Jane Ellen to The Mountain View!


The Mountain View welcomes Jane Ellen, local radio personality, who made her debut on The Jane Ellen Experience on Magic 98.5, broadcasting from Cookeville, in November 1999. Prior to Magic 98.5, Jane Ellen spent five years on the Country Giant. She has been broadcasting in Cookeville since 1992.

Jane Ellen will be sharing her views on life and other humorous existences in The Mountain View. Be sure to read her column, “Jane Ellen’s Experience” in The Mountain View and don’t miss her each morning on the air waves. “It’s fantastic!”

I Have an Addiction

I’ll be the first to admit it. I have an addiction. And it’s not an easy one to live with. I have to spend a lot of time alerting people to it so they can enable me. But it’s an addiction I look forward to renewing every springtime. I am addicted to Cadbury Mini Eggs. These aren’t the large egg-sized eggs filled with goo. These are solid chocolate eggs covered in a lovely pastel candy coating. And they’re only available once a year. My dilemma is, as always, do I chew or suck? If you chew one or two of the eggs you get the chocolate in an instant. But if you have patience and just keep one egg in your mouth, you can wait for the candy coating to disintegrate. Then mush the chocolate into the roof of your mouth and thank the fine people at Cadbury for its creamy goodness. This is, by the way, the same dilemma I face when eating M&M’s. I saw my first bag of Mini Eggs this year in the pharmacy the day before Valentine’s. I believe it was called a snack bag. A mockery is more like it. Six, maybe eight eggs were inside. Sure, I bought it. But I did express my dismay to anyone who would listen. How could I increase my stores of Cadbury Mini Eggs by buying these wee snack bags? That simply wasn’t going to cut it. I informed several of my friends that they could earn my eternal gratitude if they would shower me with bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs. And yet, none of my alleged friends could find any. As you may have noticed, Easter candy is out in full force. You can find these luscious eggs steeped in chocolatey goodness most everywhere. But it wasn’t until I was shopping at Sam’s Club that I hit the mother lode. A 42-ounce bag. And the angels sang. I don’t even know what it cost me. I just know that after April 16, these once-plentiful bags of eggs will become scarce. By the end of April, they’re bound to be gone from all the Easter clearance aisles. By Mother’s Day, my beloved Cadbury Mini Eggs will be but a memory. And a sweet one at that. But if I plan well. I can horde away enough of these treats to last me through the Fourth of July. I don’t have a lot of storage space at home. And I will have to hide them from my husband. But it will all be worthwhile when, in the midst of a hot summer’s day, my palms will be painted with the colors of spring as I reach for my Cadbury Mini Eggs.  [more]
Angie Returns to The Mountain View

Mar 31 2006

Welcome back to the Mt. View, Angie. We've missed you!

Welcome back to the
Mt. View, Angie. We've
missed you!

The Mountain View is proud to announce Angie Shane is once again part of the team of your hometown newspaper. Angie played a big part in The Mountain View when here before and we look forward to having her with us again. With the continued growth of The Mountain View, it became apparent additional help was needed and we feel very fortunate Angie was available, especially given her previous knowledge here.

Angie will be working in a host of areas including, assisting customers, advertising, news coverage, photography and working with our office manager Lisa Hintze as needed.

A new project for The Mountain View is in the works which will be announced in a couple months. At that time, the project will be headed up by Angie. We are certain her capabilities will enable her to do well with this growth and media area.

Again, welcome back Angie. We are certainly proud to have you join us again as we provide local news coverage for Van Buren County.

Former Van Buren County Resident Retiring

Mar 31 2006

Congressman Lincoln Davis to Hold Town Hall Meeting

Mar 31 2006

Parks and Recreation Board Plan Community Easter Egg Hunt for Children

Mar 31 2006

Parks and Rec Board members discuss Easter Egg Hunt in City Park


The next activity planned at the City Park will be an Easter Egg Hunt, scheduled for Saturday, April 15, 2006. The hunt will be held in the park, beginning at 11 a.m. Two age groups of children are invited to participate, children from birth to five years of age and children from five to ten years of age will have separate areas designated for the activities. Each age group will have the opportunity to find three ‘golden’ eggs with a cash prize inside, as well as a grand prize for each age group for the most eggs located.

TDA Forestry Division Deploys New Tool in Wildfire Protection

Mar 31 2006

This is one of the pumpers coming to Van Buren County soon


The Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry today unveiled a new tool in fighting wildland fires in Tennessee. Fifty-one “pumper units” are being deployed in 49 counties across the state to improve fire protection in areas where development interfaces with the landscape.

The new equipment was funded through an appropriation of more than $500,000 in the current year’s state budget as proposed by Governor Phil Bredesen and supported by the Tennessee General Assembly.

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